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Not sure where this came from... [28 Nov 2014|04:02pm]
Title: Face
Origin: That novel I've been writing for like 17 years now
Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy (or "Demons in spaaaace!")
What/why/how/huh?: A snippet that's been tumbling around in my head since my neck decided it hates me and won't let me write anything. Screw you, neck!

SnippetCollapse )

"Wheee!" goes the time [04 Sep 2014|10:09pm]
Is it September? Why is it September? I had big plans for, like, May.

I apparently had plans in my last post too. Status so far:

"o Do that "one short story a week" thing I tried to do last year"

Haha. No. I've almost finished *one* short story.

"o Learn Dutch."

Also no, Still can't find the CD, that's my excuse.

"o Visit Kitty."

Nope. Even forgot her birthday. I'm a bad person. :-|

"o Paint my apartment's front door like a Tardis."

I DID THIS! THIS THING! I DID IT! Okay, I'm currently doing it. But the year isn't over yet and it's almost done!

"o WRITE ALL THE STORIES! Especially the demons in space one. And the sci-fi genderfuck one. And the superhero one. In short: ALL THE STORIES."

Also a no, but NaNoWriMo will take care of that, I'm sure. I'll just merge demons in space and genderfuck into one story.

Time is doing some fast flying lately...

I still have this journal, don't I? [22 Dec 2013|11:54pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Six years is a lot less time than I ever thought. Time enough for me to more or less fall off the Internet, with a brief peek inside again around 2010. Time enough to lose contact with a lot of people and get to know a bunch more.

Things that have happened:

Read more...Collapse )


So it's the eve before the eve before the Eve, and I'm trying to find room for all my things in my new place, and I decided to go tidy up my bookmarks, and the LJ ones yanked me back in time for a bit and I had to post something. That added to the general weirdness of life right now.

2014 is looming ahead. Looming in a friendly sort of way. Like a gentle giant of time.


My! Own! Place! [25 Oct 2010|09:47pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Okay, my own, rented place. But it's not shared, and that's what counts. :D

It's overpriced, it's a studio (but at least there's a half-wall between the bed(-not-quite-a-)room and the living room) and it's of course smaller than where I live now. But since I spend most of my time in my bedroom, and the living room so far has been my cohabitants' tv-room, office or personal-deep-conversations-and-love-declarations room, and my "hi, just walking through to get to the kitchen, please don't make me have a conversation, I just want a cup of tea" room ... I think I can handle it.

Moving of course coinsides with NaNoWriMo ... sigh. On the plus side, it's just a small detour to stop by my new address on my way to work from the current. Since there's a full month's overlap between the two tenancies, I can get a lot done just by hauling a suitcase full of stuff over every morning. I say, bravely ... It's only when you move that you find out how much stuff you really have, isn't it? Luckily I have a volunteer for van driving. I just need to rent the actual van first. Moving is expensive ...

I get my own kitchen! *dreamy sigh* I can cook dinner every day, even on the days my allergy to smalltalk is at its worst. I've come to loathe the phrase "How are you?". I can handle it in the kitchen at work; I'm in an office with other people, my mind is set to "interaction with other people might occur" mode. But I still feel like a robot. One that scores very low on the Turing test. Hello-how-are-you? I'm-fine-thank-you-and-how-are-you? I'm-fine-thank-you. If I'm lucky, I'll get away with that, otherwise things like are-you-busy-these-days or so-what-are-your-plans-for-the-weekend might crop up, and then my AI implodes and I answer "pomegranade with fish pudding cork screws". :-|

The natives are worse than me, though. They say "I'm good" instead of "I'm fine". They would have been given The Glare by my English teacher. :D

Oh, and a bathroom with a bath tub! We have one here, but a) you can't really hog the bathroom for three hours when you share, and b) due to water damage in the ceiling on the ground floor around the edge of where the bathtub stands above, I'm worried about starting my bath in the bathroom and finishing it one floor down.

It baffles me how common bath tubs are around here. I've heard the argument that families with children want it, it makes child-washing easier, I guess. But in a studio? Not the most family friendly place to begin with. It's OK for a couple, but once a third person is involved, you'll want something bigger before the kid outgrows its basinet, or...? (Of course, I see the difference between "want" and "can afford", but you can actually get a small house for what this studio costs, within Cambridge city limits.) We had a bathtub when I grew up, so I've come to love baths, but they're a lot less common in Norway. And I think there's been an anti-bathtub trend over the last decade, I know several families that threw out theirs when refurbishing.

Count the hyphens! Count them! Or don't. End missive.

P.S. Scrapping demon plans for NaNoWrimo. Will write about princes instead. Am giving them whores. They're unimpressed.

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Creativitastic! [04 Sep 2010|08:37pm]
[ mood | creative ]

In the mind's theatre that is the off-screen life of my fictional characters, some need more attention than others. One character seems to have been sitting around at the back of the stage for ten years or so, watching me try to revive her two-dimensional starting point with flawed clones.

Now she has quietly sauntered to the front of the stage, cleared her throat delicately, and wiped out the entire main cast with her brain.

I think she wants attention. She's not one to demand it constantly (unlike one of the recently brain-nuked main stage actors), but when she's ready, she won't take no for an answer.

In other words, I think I have a NaNoWriMo project on my hands. :D

... yes, sweetie, that's two months from now. Don't look at me like that. We'll need to warm up. And no, you can't kill your own creator. You tried once already. It didn't work, and he was fictional.

No, you can't take credit for Nietzsche. Demons and Nietzsche is a bit like vampires and the crucifixion: you can't all have been there.

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Stand back! I'm going to try SCIENCE! [11 Aug 2010|09:53pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I saw a flash ad for a series named "How the Universe Works on Mondays", and I though, "I *knew* there had to be an explanation for Mondays!"

Turns out the series is named "How the Universe Works". And it runs on Mondays.

The quest for an explanation continues.

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Conversation over cookies [06 Jun 2010|09:50pm]
"You put M&Ms in them!"

"Actually, they're chocolate covered espresso beans."

"Oh. That explains why the M&Ms taste like coffee."

Beer festival conversations are ... well, a lot like pub conversations, except you have to walk longer for refills, and you have to clean your own glass. :P
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A snippet [27 May 2010|09:42pm]
What do you mean, 'A-Team is taken'?Collapse )
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I popped my Rocky Horror cherry. :D [15 May 2010|08:53pm]
[ mood | excited ]

That's right. As of Thursday last week, I have one less virginity to brag about. Cambridge Corn Exchange was filled with boys and girls wearing corsets and their own weight in eye lashes. There were some on-stage too.

I had expected it to be awesome. It blew the awesome scale. The only reaction anyone could get out of me for about 15 minutes after the curtains fell, was "EEEEEEEEeeeeEEEeeEEeEEEEE!!!!" I don't think I've ever spent a whole evening at the theatre with a permanent grin fixed on my face before.

And yes, I did do the time warp. I came prepared. So maybe it was a slightly youtube-tainted virginity, but it stil counts.

We were lucky weather-wise. The Local Secrets newsletter this week reported a disappointing lack of corsets and fishnets for the Saturday show, when temperatures had dropped. We saw plenty. And some threesome foreplay in the lobby.

Went to a nearby pub afterwards, where a lot of the audience had ended up. A group of short-haired, hoodie-wearing college boys came in a bit later. Paused at the door. Then inched very nervously towards the bar, avoiding eye contact. XD

I want a corset and fishnets now. Not so sure about the eye lashes. Tried that once, nearly glued my eyes shut.


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Bookmark Nostalgia [15 Apr 2010|08:31pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Last time I uploaded my bookmarks to Foxmarks, I had 2.222 bookmarks. I thought "hah, that's kind of cool". Then I thought "what the heck is all this crap?" So I decided to go through them, clean up a bit, and throw out all the now-defunct Geocities sites in there.

That was the weirdest trip down memory lane I have ever had.

Mostly because it wasn't a trip as much as it was "stuck on a motorized pogo stick with unlimited leap length and no direction control". Links from - how many years? no idea - way back, less way back and waaaay back assaulted me with memories and strangeness. And this was just the "Fandom" folder.

I have at least 150 livejournal entries from various people bookmarked. Funny, sad, entertaining, hot and odd things.

I find issues I used to care about, sites that used to inspire me, projects I used to work on. And another livejournal that I used to post in with someone else. And reading that now is strange and surreal and kind of neat - because I know that a large part of me is still the person I read about there, even if I'm different too. I guess most Memory Lane trips (or crazy pogo stick rides) are like that: "I've changed, and I haven't."

Most sites that are now dead, I hardly remember, except "Baby's First Mythos" (you don't easily forget Cthulhu, after all), which just took some googling to dig up again. Bugs me a bit that WIN is down, it had some pick-me-up-fics that I'd like to re-read. Oh well.

What am I left with after this deeply world-shattering experience? Well, I miss Livejournal. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Not very philosophical, but I'm getting back on the LJ bandwagon properly again, because I miss all you awesome people, and I want to read about what you had for breakfast, whether you're stuck in an ash cloud somewhere, the last fan-sighting of Spike and what he was wearing, how awesome/awful work is and why the duckbilled platypus.

Be gentle with me. I might have been on this bike before, but it needs an oil change and new tyres, and I was never very good at things with wheels to begin with.


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Thinking and planning [14 Jan 2010|08:59pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

So this is my situation after about two and a half years in Cambridge.


A lot of nice people. Only one person I really click with, though. Following a somewhat shitty week, I've reviewed the people bit of Cambridge, and realised that while I'll miss people here, it's only that one guy who gives me any reason to stay. (And not stay as in "get married and have babies". He's married already. His wife dubbed me his "work wife" though. :))


The work is okay. Somewhat repetitive, occasionally challenging, expected amount of frustrating clients. I can get the same other places.


So tired of sharing. So GODDAMNED TIRED of sharing. So tired of being called in on the carpet and be told how to act in what's supposed to be, but really doesn't feel like, my home. And I can't afford to live alone here.

I can afford it in Southampton, though. They might also have work for me. There are two companies hiring Norwegians there at the moment.


I guess that's the issue that kicked off Shitty Week. Long story short, once upon a time, promises were made, then the promise makers turned around and said that no promises were made, but here's another promise, and then hocus pocus, that promise was never there either.

Even shorter: I was promised more money. They didn't come through. And I keep saying it's not about the money, it's about the shitty communication. But it's partly about the money too. Because with more money, I might be able to rent a place of my own. I'm almost willing to rent the itsy bitsy teeny weeny studio I looked at a couple of years ago, where you had to go outside to have room to change your mind.

I've considered finding out if I'm eligible for a mortgage. But that would get me more stuck here than I am. Do I want to be stuck her? Stuck-er anyway?


Just writing [06 Dec 2009|09:27pm]
[ mood | sad ]

It's just another one of those sad updates.

Cut for your scrolling convenienceCollapse )


Birthday! [07 Sep 2009|09:18pm]
Happy birthday, flight_wo_wings! At least over here you're as much of an adult as you'll ever be now. :D
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In The Globe, no one can hear Americans scream with terror. [28 Jul 2009|10:11pm]
Gayest Achilles/Patroclus romance EVER. :D Did they overdo it by giving Achilles eyeliner like a pharao and dressing Patroclus as a harem toyboy? Not when comparing them to the rest of the "heroes". In the program, someone wrote that it looked like the heroes in Troilus and Cressida had read the Illiad, and were trying to live up to the picture history would paint of them.

I still approve of the historical fact that Trojans and Greeks were half-naked most of the time. :D

Inga [24 Jul 2009|11:37pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Plot rambling. No need to click.Collapse )


Inga [20 Jul 2009|09:19pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So I had an intense brainstorming on my most promising writing project (Inga-the-time-traveller-who-existed-before-I-ever-heard-of-Doctor-Who). And then I sat down with my NaNoWriMo novel on the same project from two years ago.

I removed one scene and did some minor editing. I'm pretty damn happy with this story, the tone and how it's progressing. When I get to the end of what I've written and *really* want to know what happens next, that's probably a good sign. :)

Problems, though:
- Need to introduce The Badguys (gals, actually) much earlier. Since they are first introduced through flashbacks, I need to insert a reason for a flashback.
- Need to find a way to insert She Who Will Save The World. Currently, she's stuck in NaNoWriMo of three years ago, and is written in first person. Switching POV between Inga in third person and Matilva in first person can't possibly work, can it?
- Need to stop obsessing about finally having Ilma and Eski in a big project. But Eski is just too damn adorable when he has a crush. D:
- Need to figure just how exactly Karita managed to do so much in the split second she was Time. (Also, must keep her as far away from Rose-with-time-vortex-in-her-brain as possible. Not really a problem.)
- I *think* Matilva's main companions are Death and the Beast. You might say she has bad taste in men, but remember: in her time, men are made to order.
- Need ... you know ... those things that happen ... a plot!

I'll just fidget with the things that happen before Inga is frozen, and finish that first. :) I have hopes for this story. It has a beginning. That's two one of three goals achieved already.


Home, sweet room [11 Jul 2009|02:14pm]
It's actually kind of nice to come home from vacation while there's still a bit of summer left. And this weekend is The Big Weekend in Cambridge. Markets! Concerts! Strange French food! Whee! Stopped by last night to see Abba the Show. Good fun. :)

Went to Bulgaria for one week with my extended family (parents, brother, dad's brother, uncle's wife, their kids, kids' gfs, in-laws...), 18 people all in all. Stayed in Nes(s)ebar, a slightly less touristy city than neighbour Sunny Beach, but still touristy enough by far. I think the locals were more fluent in German than English, but they knew both better than I know Bulgarian. :P My accent went downhill while I was there, though... it just seemed easier to use the one or two words that were needed and not wrap it in verbs and pronouns and articles. ("Bigger size? Green?") Pronounciation was optional as well.

And this is what I learned of the Cyrillic alphabeth, based on various receipts, menus, signs and drink lists:
Reverse N > ee
b with a hat > b
3 > some kind of s or z sound, I think
Pi sign without any toes > p
Square-looking W without toe > sh
Ø with vertical line > f
P > R
C > S

Apart from that, there were markets, Mastika, pay-as-you-tan beaches, and food of varying quality. (Warning: there might be TMI in the rest of this paragraph.) I got a stomach bug, possibly from very deep-fried chicken wings. I didn't get sick, I was just very regular for a few days. XD ("Oh, look, it's been 1 hour 47 minutes since I last ate... time to look for a bathroom.") The daily routine of breakfast, walking around at random, lunch, sunbathing, treating sunburns, dinner, sleep, was only broken up by one trip to Sunny Beach for some kind of important sports event that they showed on a big screen, and a day-trip by catamaran to Sozopol. Sozopol was like a miniature Nessebar. My most exotic experience on the whole trip happened there, though: a toilet that consisted of a bidet set into the floor. (Squat toilet, says Wikipedia.) I have no idea how people use those without stripping from the waist down...

After that, I went back to Norway and spent the second week with just the core family units, on the island my dad is from. The sign I bought him for the house survived all the travelling. :) The radio I bought for mum unfortunately decided life wasn't worth living. Have to return that while I still have Amazon's 30-day guarantee.

I wonder if other people who live abroad (as in, some other country than the one they're from) get odd things when they visit their vaterland. In my partly unpacked luggage there is:
- Two mops w/handle
- A Tupperware Quick Chef
- Tea
- Dry-wipes for the mop handle
- Herring
- Cloudberries

Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to bribe my boss with the cloudberries. XD

I haven't really used my computer much for the last two weeks. Didn't bring it to Bulgaria, and my dad and my brother took up all the space at the table with their own the last week. So the plot bunnes have been quietly breeding and staying fit in my head. And now I keep thinking that I want to write a book series like Animorphs or something, i.e. the same format of short books. And I want to involve the AI that another character of mine created. The thing is, it feels like a book series aimed at a teenage audience. Which likely means that I'll need teenage protagonists. I was never a teenager. My mind stayed firmly rooted at 12 until I was around 20, when most of it jumped straight to 85. (Kids these days are nothing but trouble, by the way.) I don't think I can write teenage characters convincingly. They'd probably be interested in girlfriends/boyfriends and other things I know nothing about. :-|

Kröd Mändoon [18 Jun 2009|08:14pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Kröd Mändoon: good for a cheap laugh. So cheap, in fact, that you don't really want to know where it's been, or what it's made of.

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Heh. [25 May 2009|11:11am]
So apparently, fanfiction.net re-opened the Boy Meets Boy area. And I got a review. :D

The following review has been submitted to: Babysitting Chapter: 2

From: Aredeya ()

it was not good. not horrible, but really kindof bad.

Your unspecific criticism is appreciated. No, really. :P
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Beer! [20 May 2009|10:21pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

Cambridge Beer Festival = lots of fun!

Going there on a Wednesday = possibly less fun on Thursday. :-|

But seriously, me on a beer festival? How did that happen? England has changed me. But for the better. :) Not just in the slight elevation of my alcohol tolerance. Being social here is... different from Norway. Going to a party in Norway almost always means that I'm only there for half the party, for the pre-party. When everyone goes "out", to the noisy clubs and whatnot, I go to bed. I used to blame my hypersensitive hearing and the pain loud music causes me. And that's still true, I can't handle loud music. It's not just a dislike, it's physical, awful pain, like being smacked over both ears with two flat hands in rhythm with the music. Not fun! Here, the music in pubs and such is usually at a tolerable level, if there's music at all.

But at the beer festival, everyone were tipsy/drunk, cheerful and polite. In Norway, people would be more likely to be wasted, cheerful and happy to punch you in the face. Well, that's the opinion my limited experience has given me anyway... Pubbing here is like having the happy, pre-party mode last until *everyone* goes to bed. In a way, I guess I'm having the same party experience, but without feeling like I'm missing out on anything. :)

I also won a halfpint glass from the St Albans Beer Festival of 2000, a bottle of bitter (generously given away to my housemate, whose boyfriend actually likes the stuff), and got two lollies the two times I didn't win anything. :D Tombolas are a thousand times more fun when you're tipsy! Also, tipsy me = me making weird, squealing noises when something makes me happy... (yay, I won beer I don't like! Squee! Yay, you have blueberry beer that's likely to make me sick! Squee!)

Notes on things that have been drunk. Drinked. Ingested.
- User Friendly: Nice, flat cider. Easier to drink than apple juice, and a bad choice after a Wagamama dinner, as I pretty much chugged it because I was so thirsty...
- Wye cider (or something that looked like it was pronounced like "why"): more bitter than UF, but also easy. Like Sunday morning. Probably easier than Thursday morning will be. ^^;
- Something Something Blueberry: From the Moonshine brewery. Fruity ale. I'm not usually an ale fan, and was going to stick with the cider, but how could I resist the blueberry? The beerness dominated after the first few sips, though. The taste of beer still makes my stomach churn a bit, but I'm slowly getting used to it.
- Wicked Wasp: The driest cider I tried (still just medium dry). Good, the kind that lasts a while, unlike the UF. :P

Since I only had half pints, this suggests that I only had two pints alltogether. Sure as hell doesn't feel like it. x_x Of course, this not being Norway, a "half" pint is a negotiable amount if served in a pint glass... The festival brochure actually had a bit of a kick in the direction of the government, stating that when they (the festival people) said pint, they weren't going to give you 80 % of a pint. :D

FYI, a pint in Norway is half a litre, which is 0.4 liters. No, this doesn't make sense, but it sure stops people from ever becoming alcoholics! Oh, wait, NO IT DOESN'T!


And they grew into a big tree, and they all climbed up the tree into a magical land with unicorns an [14 May 2009|06:40pm]
I'm developing an addiction to Duzzit-erasers. It turns out that the walls here aren't supposed to be yellow. So I bought ten. Ten boxes, that is. That's right, I just spent £10+£7 (postage) on 40 sponges. Magic sponges, mind. I'm going to throw them out the window and wait for a beanstalk to appear.

The thing is, if I start on one wall, I have to do the next, because it suddenly looks like someone pissed all over it in comparison to the shiny, clean wall. >.< And these things dissolve pretty quickly. One big wall ate three erasers, one side of the stairway has so far consumed two and a half.

According to Wikipedia, they're actually really abrasive, they just feel soft because they're abrasive in a tiny way. :D ... um, maybe I should wear gloves when I use them.

D: [07 May 2009|11:30am]
*blink* I've lost a prince. Where are my notes?? Aaaaa! Kittybirthday tomorrow!

... though at the speed I'm writing, not to mention the method, I have to get drunk five times by tomorrow to finish this. x_O
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I update! Alert the media! [04 May 2009|09:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Oh, hey, Livejournal. I used to have an account there once.

In the news... I went to Glasgow to meet Awesome People. It was awesome. :D Apart from the bit when I went to the wrong airport and had to pay £60 for a taxi ride. Luckily, I had invested in locally produced, liquid remedies against money worries.

I'm on Twitter now, for one reason only: It isn't Facebook. I'm LeMjau. Most of my updates are in Norwegian, but if a lot of non-Norwegians want to read my random and unimportant updates, I can change. I'm a sheep like that. :) The funniest part about Twitter is reading what trend experts say about it. They are people who know squat all about how *I* use the intarwebtubes, and this makes me happy.

I'm writing plots on big cardboard boxes. Plots with lots of 8's in them. And booms. Not enough booms yet, though. And I want one of these, because this method really works for me, but I can't afford to buy big furniture every time I need to write down a plot...

I want to finish Heavenly Bodies by kitty's birthday. But our heroine has only saved one prince yet. :-|

Brunched (is that a word?) at the newly opened Snug today. The menu was impressive, the new, red interior too. The rest - not so much. I started out with a cappuchino. It took a while to make, considering there were only about three other customers and the other person at my table ordered filter coffee, but I wasn't in a hurry. Not the best coffee ever. Not the worst either (that would be 7-Eleven in Norway). One of the others ordered a smoothie, which contained too much ice, making it watery (but good-looking!).

I'm not a fan of the full English breakfast, but they had a veggie option that excluded the bits I don't like (bacon, sausages and black pudding). By the time it was served, the "vegetarian" part had disappeared somewhere between me and the kitchen. I was too hungry to object, although the black pudding goes on my "think of all the starving children" debt. And they charged full price (the veggie version was cheaper), so even though the waitress repeated "vegetarian, right"?, I don't think it ever entered any kind of system... But since I didn't say anything when they served it, I just shut up and paid. No tips, though. >:-(

Might still return for Friday pub. They have burgers. You can't go wrong with burgers. Right?


Binary day [14 Feb 2009|06:30pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Samjåtisa, samjåtisa,
på te ta pastis a-amå
Samjåtisa, samjåtisa,
på te ta pastis a-amå

Rådå ta rikså stå jalå-å samjåtissa
saranda di a kåmma tja.
Rådå ta rikså stå jalå-å samjåtissa
saranda di a kåmma tja.

Samjåtissa le tis eljes... nananananananana.

Hey, it's been a few years since I learned this. Anyways, s'agapo, kitty. ^_^

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Poetry and stuff [10 Jan 2009|12:19am]
Jeg ventede min muse -
og da hun ikke kom
så gik da jeg til hende
men vendte skamfuld om.

Der hang, som var jeg ventet,
et brev på hendes dør:
Jeg kommer når jeg kommer -
i hvert fald ikke før.

My muse has been absent all Christmas... I didn't even start a Christmas fic with the intent of never ever finishing it, thus breaking a tradition of at least two years. :-o Instead, I almost finished my Halloween fic. Well, I almost started to finish it. There are abducted children, an evil genius and a frustrated Ethan. And no ending as of yet.

And right now I'm writing about heavenly bodies, a story that only moves forward when I'm Under The Influence. Of legal substances, that is. Seducing all the Seven Vices to the good side is HARD WORK. Come to the light side, we have rainbows, butterflies and bondage!Obi-wan. But that was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and these days we're down to the rainbows and butterflies. But no puppies. Puppies are the dark side in disguise, while kittens are actually the light side in disguise. They're sneaky. All demony eyes and biting and playing with their prey one moment, but all of a sudden they're wearing pink bows and drinking cream and having tea parties with small, icky rodents. Cats. Don't trust them, no matter what side they're advertising.

Kitttyyyyy. How did the daughter of Bopp learn to handle a sword anyway? I'm giving her a friend, just so you know. A mysterious friend. With a mysterious hood that hides its gender-dubious mysterious face. And I shall call it Eclipse. Also, these notes make no sense. O leads to heart leads to four houses plus three? I need to be sober to interpret the notes, but drunk to write a story from them... ARGH!
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Best cups ever (8 fuzzy camera phone pics under cut) [04 Sep 2008|06:29pm]
These cups might make sense to... three people, at most.Collapse )
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Quiet game no more [03 Sep 2008|11:05pm]
o Awesome people have visited. I've wanted to keep my lj chronological, hence my "no updates until I've posted reports of visits" policy
o Awesome people visited in, like, February and onwards. Since that fact plus the above means that I'm a bad person, I don't need to follow policies. Policies are for nice people who stick to them, and who don't neglect writing about awesome people in their lj.
o After a year with my department's style guide, I'm incapable of writing acronyms in all caps.
o Apparently, my lj looks craptastic in Chrome. Hence, I choose to update it when most of my fairly nerdy friends circle are probably testing it. See the "bad person" fact above. :P
o I haven't tried Chrome yet.
o Kitty and I can not live in the same city. Crack fics would flood the intertubes.
o I'm writing the same character as a ghost, an AI, an evil mastermind, a reformed evil mastermind, a prince, a mad scientist and a very, very frustrated man. All at the same time. Not the same story, though. ... maybe later.
o The same character seems to get beat up a lot. I mean, even as a prince. He just can't get a break.
o I have the awesomest cups in the world. And the best part is that they're only that awesomly awesome because they're mine. No one else can see them the way I do. Pictures to follow. I know, you're on the edge of your chair already. CUPS!
o I might soon turn into one of... them. I'm scared. :( But it has wi-fi...
o I have a new colleague. And a new flatmate. They have a lot in common. It's scary. :D
o I know things I never wanted to know about the barista at our regular caffeine refuelling spot.
o The baristina... baristessa... the other barista is an actress.
o It amuses me to no end that a certain IT-company's very own translation tool is only compatible with *one* of their own operating systems. We had to replace two 2K-computers with XP.
o I make bulleted lists of updates when I've been lj-dead for a while
o I'm not sure if my paid account is worth the money
o I'll try to make more sense in the nest post. :)
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Bye bye, baby [03 Jun 2008|08:52pm]
Cut for sadCollapse )
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Hee. [06 May 2008|08:48pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I am the sonnet, never quickly thrilled;
Not prone to overstated gushing praise
Nor yet to seething rants and anger, filled
With overstretched opinions to rephrase;
But on the other hand, not fond of fools,
And thus, not fond of people, on the whole;
And holding to the sound and useful rules,
Not those that seek unjustified control.
I'm balanced, measured, sensible (at least,
I think I am, and usually I'm right);
And when more ostentatious types have ceased,
I'm still around, and doing, still, alright.
In short, I'm calm and rational and stable -
Or, well, I am, as much as I am able.
What Poetry Form Are You?
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Hrrrrrr... [05 May 2008|03:16pm]
So either my computer is infected with something, or the free version of AVG has turned into 100 % fun, computer-freezing SPAM. >:-(

Greeh. Didn't want to invest in anything on this computer, but I do have stuff here I'd hate to lose... I've been looking at TrendMicro's PC-cilin package. £65 for two years. Downside: lots of money. Upside: worry-free for two years (in theory).

NOT buying AVG. They killed my computer. I would have lost unsaved stuff if OOo hadn't had its wonderful recovery function. AVG are on the bad list now.
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