Regina et Imperatrix (shy_dramaqueen) wrote,
Regina et Imperatrix

Poetry and stuff

Jeg ventede min muse -
og da hun ikke kom
så gik da jeg til hende
men vendte skamfuld om.

Der hang, som var jeg ventet,
et brev på hendes dør:
Jeg kommer når jeg kommer -
i hvert fald ikke før.

My muse has been absent all Christmas... I didn't even start a Christmas fic with the intent of never ever finishing it, thus breaking a tradition of at least two years. :-o Instead, I almost finished my Halloween fic. Well, I almost started to finish it. There are abducted children, an evil genius and a frustrated Ethan. And no ending as of yet.

And right now I'm writing about heavenly bodies, a story that only moves forward when I'm Under The Influence. Of legal substances, that is. Seducing all the Seven Vices to the good side is HARD WORK. Come to the light side, we have rainbows, butterflies and bondage!Obi-wan. But that was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and these days we're down to the rainbows and butterflies. But no puppies. Puppies are the dark side in disguise, while kittens are actually the light side in disguise. They're sneaky. All demony eyes and biting and playing with their prey one moment, but all of a sudden they're wearing pink bows and drinking cream and having tea parties with small, icky rodents. Cats. Don't trust them, no matter what side they're advertising.

Kitttyyyyy. How did the daughter of Bopp learn to handle a sword anyway? I'm giving her a friend, just so you know. A mysterious friend. With a mysterious hood that hides its gender-dubious mysterious face. And I shall call it Eclipse. Also, these notes make no sense. O leads to heart leads to four houses plus three? I need to be sober to interpret the notes, but drunk to write a story from them... ARGH!
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