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Home, sweet room

It's actually kind of nice to come home from vacation while there's still a bit of summer left. And this weekend is The Big Weekend in Cambridge. Markets! Concerts! Strange French food! Whee! Stopped by last night to see Abba the Show. Good fun. :)

Went to Bulgaria for one week with my extended family (parents, brother, dad's brother, uncle's wife, their kids, kids' gfs, in-laws...), 18 people all in all. Stayed in Nes(s)ebar, a slightly less touristy city than neighbour Sunny Beach, but still touristy enough by far. I think the locals were more fluent in German than English, but they knew both better than I know Bulgarian. :P My accent went downhill while I was there, though... it just seemed easier to use the one or two words that were needed and not wrap it in verbs and pronouns and articles. ("Bigger size? Green?") Pronounciation was optional as well.

And this is what I learned of the Cyrillic alphabeth, based on various receipts, menus, signs and drink lists:
Reverse N > ee
b with a hat > b
3 > some kind of s or z sound, I think
Pi sign without any toes > p
Square-looking W without toe > sh
Ø with vertical line > f
P > R
C > S

Apart from that, there were markets, Mastika, pay-as-you-tan beaches, and food of varying quality. (Warning: there might be TMI in the rest of this paragraph.) I got a stomach bug, possibly from very deep-fried chicken wings. I didn't get sick, I was just very regular for a few days. XD ("Oh, look, it's been 1 hour 47 minutes since I last ate... time to look for a bathroom.") The daily routine of breakfast, walking around at random, lunch, sunbathing, treating sunburns, dinner, sleep, was only broken up by one trip to Sunny Beach for some kind of important sports event that they showed on a big screen, and a day-trip by catamaran to Sozopol. Sozopol was like a miniature Nessebar. My most exotic experience on the whole trip happened there, though: a toilet that consisted of a bidet set into the floor. (Squat toilet, says Wikipedia.) I have no idea how people use those without stripping from the waist down...

After that, I went back to Norway and spent the second week with just the core family units, on the island my dad is from. The sign I bought him for the house survived all the travelling. :) The radio I bought for mum unfortunately decided life wasn't worth living. Have to return that while I still have Amazon's 30-day guarantee.

I wonder if other people who live abroad (as in, some other country than the one they're from) get odd things when they visit their vaterland. In my partly unpacked luggage there is:
- Two mops w/handle
- A Tupperware Quick Chef
- Tea
- Dry-wipes for the mop handle
- Herring
- Cloudberries

Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to bribe my boss with the cloudberries. XD

I haven't really used my computer much for the last two weeks. Didn't bring it to Bulgaria, and my dad and my brother took up all the space at the table with their own the last week. So the plot bunnes have been quietly breeding and staying fit in my head. And now I keep thinking that I want to write a book series like Animorphs or something, i.e. the same format of short books. And I want to involve the AI that another character of mine created. The thing is, it feels like a book series aimed at a teenage audience. Which likely means that I'll need teenage protagonists. I was never a teenager. My mind stayed firmly rooted at 12 until I was around 20, when most of it jumped straight to 85. (Kids these days are nothing but trouble, by the way.) I don't think I can write teenage characters convincingly. They'd probably be interested in girlfriends/boyfriends and other things I know nothing about. :-|
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