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So I had an intense brainstorming on my most promising writing project (Inga-the-time-traveller-who-existed-before-I-ever-heard-of-Doctor-Who). And then I sat down with my NaNoWriMo novel on the same project from two years ago.

I removed one scene and did some minor editing. I'm pretty damn happy with this story, the tone and how it's progressing. When I get to the end of what I've written and *really* want to know what happens next, that's probably a good sign. :)

Problems, though:
- Need to introduce The Badguys (gals, actually) much earlier. Since they are first introduced through flashbacks, I need to insert a reason for a flashback.
- Need to find a way to insert She Who Will Save The World. Currently, she's stuck in NaNoWriMo of three years ago, and is written in first person. Switching POV between Inga in third person and Matilva in first person can't possibly work, can it?
- Need to stop obsessing about finally having Ilma and Eski in a big project. But Eski is just too damn adorable when he has a crush. D:
- Need to figure just how exactly Karita managed to do so much in the split second she was Time. (Also, must keep her as far away from Rose-with-time-vortex-in-her-brain as possible. Not really a problem.)
- I *think* Matilva's main companions are Death and the Beast. You might say she has bad taste in men, but remember: in her time, men are made to order.
- Need ... you know ... those things that happen ... a plot!

I'll just fidget with the things that happen before Inga is frozen, and finish that first. :) I have hopes for this story. It has a beginning. That's two one of three goals achieved already.
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