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Bookmark Nostalgia

Last time I uploaded my bookmarks to Foxmarks, I had 2.222 bookmarks. I thought "hah, that's kind of cool". Then I thought "what the heck is all this crap?" So I decided to go through them, clean up a bit, and throw out all the now-defunct Geocities sites in there.

That was the weirdest trip down memory lane I have ever had.

Mostly because it wasn't a trip as much as it was "stuck on a motorized pogo stick with unlimited leap length and no direction control". Links from - how many years? no idea - way back, less way back and waaaay back assaulted me with memories and strangeness. And this was just the "Fandom" folder.

I have at least 150 livejournal entries from various people bookmarked. Funny, sad, entertaining, hot and odd things.

I find issues I used to care about, sites that used to inspire me, projects I used to work on. And another livejournal that I used to post in with someone else. And reading that now is strange and surreal and kind of neat - because I know that a large part of me is still the person I read about there, even if I'm different too. I guess most Memory Lane trips (or crazy pogo stick rides) are like that: "I've changed, and I haven't."

Most sites that are now dead, I hardly remember, except "Baby's First Mythos" (you don't easily forget Cthulhu, after all), which just took some googling to dig up again. Bugs me a bit that WIN is down, it had some pick-me-up-fics that I'd like to re-read. Oh well.

What am I left with after this deeply world-shattering experience? Well, I miss Livejournal. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Not very philosophical, but I'm getting back on the LJ bandwagon properly again, because I miss all you awesome people, and I want to read about what you had for breakfast, whether you're stuck in an ash cloud somewhere, the last fan-sighting of Spike and what he was wearing, how awesome/awful work is and why the duckbilled platypus.

Be gentle with me. I might have been on this bike before, but it needs an oil change and new tyres, and I was never very good at things with wheels to begin with.

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Hey, welcome back. ^_^ I've missed you. This is Drake/Satoshi, in case you missed the memo.

I spent a year in Florida, but I'm back in Washington state now, living in Tacoma. I moved here about two week ago, so I'm still between jobs. Aaaaand I've been writing again!
Memo received (although you were lost among Russian spambots for a while). ^^ Are you still staying with Chronomorphosis?

I'm writing too. And still in Cambridge. So when are you coming to London? ;)
No, he moved to Olympia around the same time I moved to Tacoma. I don't think he's arrived yet, though; he decided to drive across the country and stop to camp at all these national parks on the way.

I'm coming to London when I can afford it. XD I'll let you know what that happens.

What kind of things are you writing?
I'll sponsor part of your ticket. :D (No promises about how big a part ... I've only been on one plane trip that took much more than two hours, and I didn't pay for that, so I have no idea what transatlantic flights cost. XP)

My head is writing Tacet and my fingers are writing Mythological Creatures Trapped In Fourth Dimension-Less Future. Any time now, they're going to start mixing and making everything even more confusing. :-|