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I popped my Rocky Horror cherry. :D

That's right. As of Thursday last week, I have one less virginity to brag about. Cambridge Corn Exchange was filled with boys and girls wearing corsets and their own weight in eye lashes. There were some on-stage too.

I had expected it to be awesome. It blew the awesome scale. The only reaction anyone could get out of me for about 15 minutes after the curtains fell, was "EEEEEEEEeeeeEEEeeEEeEEEEE!!!!" I don't think I've ever spent a whole evening at the theatre with a permanent grin fixed on my face before.

And yes, I did do the time warp. I came prepared. So maybe it was a slightly youtube-tainted virginity, but it stil counts.

We were lucky weather-wise. The Local Secrets newsletter this week reported a disappointing lack of corsets and fishnets for the Saturday show, when temperatures had dropped. We saw plenty. And some threesome foreplay in the lobby.

Went to a nearby pub afterwards, where a lot of the audience had ended up. A group of short-haired, hoodie-wearing college boys came in a bit later. Paused at the door. Then inched very nervously towards the bar, avoiding eye contact. XD

I want a corset and fishnets now. Not so sure about the eye lashes. Tried that once, nearly glued my eyes shut.

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