Regina et Imperatrix (shy_dramaqueen) wrote,
Regina et Imperatrix

A snippet

Lilim held onto the slimy head as the portal slowly narrowed around its neck. The muscles in her arm trembled with effort, but her sardonic smile didn't waver.

"Guess this is good-bye," she said. "I'm sorry, I know the situation calls for wit, but I'm knackered. So much bloodshed in one day, I'm not five hundred any more."

"This isn't over," the white, translucent head burbled. The gravity of the portal was stretching its head to an odd, oblong shape. The fistful of semi-hard, jelly-like substance Lilim was holding onto was slipping slowly from her hand.

"Isn't it? I think your brain is leaking out through your ... ear equivalents."

"There are millions of us. We will return!"

Lilim glanced over her shoulder. At the edge of the deserted battlefield, the small group waited for her to finish gloating. Didn't they know this was the best part of fighting evil? It was even better than when she had been fighting good. She liked feeling righteous, it was a whole new level of cockiness that you just didn't get on the dark side. Not if you were doing it right, anyway. Evil pretending to do good had never been her thing.

"Well," she said, tilting her head, "I could say 'there's seven of us' and make it sound all threatening. But I don't think we're the seven of us just yet. We don't have that group feeling. But I think we have potential. Anyway, there are millions of you, I know. There's one of each of us." She grinned. "See you around."

She let go, and watched the creature swirl down through the portal just as it closed. It made a slightly squishy sound.
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