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My! Own! Place!

Okay, my own, rented place. But it's not shared, and that's what counts. :D

It's overpriced, it's a studio (but at least there's a half-wall between the bed(-not-quite-a-)room and the living room) and it's of course smaller than where I live now. But since I spend most of my time in my bedroom, and the living room so far has been my cohabitants' tv-room, office or personal-deep-conversations-and-love-declarations room, and my "hi, just walking through to get to the kitchen, please don't make me have a conversation, I just want a cup of tea" room ... I think I can handle it.

Moving of course coinsides with NaNoWriMo ... sigh. On the plus side, it's just a small detour to stop by my new address on my way to work from the current. Since there's a full month's overlap between the two tenancies, I can get a lot done just by hauling a suitcase full of stuff over every morning. I say, bravely ... It's only when you move that you find out how much stuff you really have, isn't it? Luckily I have a volunteer for van driving. I just need to rent the actual van first. Moving is expensive ...

I get my own kitchen! *dreamy sigh* I can cook dinner every day, even on the days my allergy to smalltalk is at its worst. I've come to loathe the phrase "How are you?". I can handle it in the kitchen at work; I'm in an office with other people, my mind is set to "interaction with other people might occur" mode. But I still feel like a robot. One that scores very low on the Turing test. Hello-how-are-you? I'm-fine-thank-you-and-how-are-you? I'm-fine-thank-you. If I'm lucky, I'll get away with that, otherwise things like are-you-busy-these-days or so-what-are-your-plans-for-the-weekend might crop up, and then my AI implodes and I answer "pomegranade with fish pudding cork screws". :-|

The natives are worse than me, though. They say "I'm good" instead of "I'm fine". They would have been given The Glare by my English teacher. :D

Oh, and a bathroom with a bath tub! We have one here, but a) you can't really hog the bathroom for three hours when you share, and b) due to water damage in the ceiling on the ground floor around the edge of where the bathtub stands above, I'm worried about starting my bath in the bathroom and finishing it one floor down.

It baffles me how common bath tubs are around here. I've heard the argument that families with children want it, it makes child-washing easier, I guess. But in a studio? Not the most family friendly place to begin with. It's OK for a couple, but once a third person is involved, you'll want something bigger before the kid outgrows its basinet, or...? (Of course, I see the difference between "want" and "can afford", but you can actually get a small house for what this studio costs, within Cambridge city limits.) We had a bathtub when I grew up, so I've come to love baths, but they're a lot less common in Norway. And I think there's been an anti-bathtub trend over the last decade, I know several families that threw out theirs when refurbishing.

Count the hyphens! Count them! Or don't. End missive.

P.S. Scrapping demon plans for NaNoWrimo. Will write about princes instead. Am giving them whores. They're unimpressed.
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