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I update! Alert the media!

Oh, hey, Livejournal. I used to have an account there once.

In the news... I went to Glasgow to meet Awesome People. It was awesome. :D Apart from the bit when I went to the wrong airport and had to pay £60 for a taxi ride. Luckily, I had invested in locally produced, liquid remedies against money worries.

I'm on Twitter now, for one reason only: It isn't Facebook. I'm LeMjau. Most of my updates are in Norwegian, but if a lot of non-Norwegians want to read my random and unimportant updates, I can change. I'm a sheep like that. :) The funniest part about Twitter is reading what trend experts say about it. They are people who know squat all about how *I* use the intarwebtubes, and this makes me happy.

I'm writing plots on big cardboard boxes. Plots with lots of 8's in them. And booms. Not enough booms yet, though. And I want one of these, because this method really works for me, but I can't afford to buy big furniture every time I need to write down a plot...

I want to finish Heavenly Bodies by kitty's birthday. But our heroine has only saved one prince yet. :-|

Brunched (is that a word?) at the newly opened Snug today. The menu was impressive, the new, red interior too. The rest - not so much. I started out with a cappuchino. It took a while to make, considering there were only about three other customers and the other person at my table ordered filter coffee, but I wasn't in a hurry. Not the best coffee ever. Not the worst either (that would be 7-Eleven in Norway). One of the others ordered a smoothie, which contained too much ice, making it watery (but good-looking!).

I'm not a fan of the full English breakfast, but they had a veggie option that excluded the bits I don't like (bacon, sausages and black pudding). By the time it was served, the "vegetarian" part had disappeared somewhere between me and the kitchen. I was too hungry to object, although the black pudding goes on my "think of all the starving children" debt. And they charged full price (the veggie version was cheaper), so even though the waitress repeated "vegetarian, right"?, I don't think it ever entered any kind of system... But since I didn't say anything when they served it, I just shut up and paid. No tips, though. >:-(

Might still return for Friday pub. They have burgers. You can't go wrong with burgers. Right?
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