Regina et Imperatrix (shy_dramaqueen) wrote,
Regina et Imperatrix

And they grew into a big tree, and they all climbed up the tree into a magical land with unicorns an

I'm developing an addiction to Duzzit-erasers. It turns out that the walls here aren't supposed to be yellow. So I bought ten. Ten boxes, that is. That's right, I just spent £10+£7 (postage) on 40 sponges. Magic sponges, mind. I'm going to throw them out the window and wait for a beanstalk to appear.

The thing is, if I start on one wall, I have to do the next, because it suddenly looks like someone pissed all over it in comparison to the shiny, clean wall. >.< And these things dissolve pretty quickly. One big wall ate three erasers, one side of the stairway has so far consumed two and a half.

According to Wikipedia, they're actually really abrasive, they just feel soft because they're abrasive in a tiny way. :D ... um, maybe I should wear gloves when I use them.
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