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Cambridge Beer Festival = lots of fun!

Going there on a Wednesday = possibly less fun on Thursday. :-|

But seriously, me on a beer festival? How did that happen? England has changed me. But for the better. :) Not just in the slight elevation of my alcohol tolerance. Being social here is... different from Norway. Going to a party in Norway almost always means that I'm only there for half the party, for the pre-party. When everyone goes "out", to the noisy clubs and whatnot, I go to bed. I used to blame my hypersensitive hearing and the pain loud music causes me. And that's still true, I can't handle loud music. It's not just a dislike, it's physical, awful pain, like being smacked over both ears with two flat hands in rhythm with the music. Not fun! Here, the music in pubs and such is usually at a tolerable level, if there's music at all.

But at the beer festival, everyone were tipsy/drunk, cheerful and polite. In Norway, people would be more likely to be wasted, cheerful and happy to punch you in the face. Well, that's the opinion my limited experience has given me anyway... Pubbing here is like having the happy, pre-party mode last until *everyone* goes to bed. In a way, I guess I'm having the same party experience, but without feeling like I'm missing out on anything. :)

I also won a halfpint glass from the St Albans Beer Festival of 2000, a bottle of bitter (generously given away to my housemate, whose boyfriend actually likes the stuff), and got two lollies the two times I didn't win anything. :D Tombolas are a thousand times more fun when you're tipsy! Also, tipsy me = me making weird, squealing noises when something makes me happy... (yay, I won beer I don't like! Squee! Yay, you have blueberry beer that's likely to make me sick! Squee!)

Notes on things that have been drunk. Drinked. Ingested.
- User Friendly: Nice, flat cider. Easier to drink than apple juice, and a bad choice after a Wagamama dinner, as I pretty much chugged it because I was so thirsty...
- Wye cider (or something that looked like it was pronounced like "why"): more bitter than UF, but also easy. Like Sunday morning. Probably easier than Thursday morning will be. ^^;
- Something Something Blueberry: From the Moonshine brewery. Fruity ale. I'm not usually an ale fan, and was going to stick with the cider, but how could I resist the blueberry? The beerness dominated after the first few sips, though. The taste of beer still makes my stomach churn a bit, but I'm slowly getting used to it.
- Wicked Wasp: The driest cider I tried (still just medium dry). Good, the kind that lasts a while, unlike the UF. :P

Since I only had half pints, this suggests that I only had two pints alltogether. Sure as hell doesn't feel like it. x_x Of course, this not being Norway, a "half" pint is a negotiable amount if served in a pint glass... The festival brochure actually had a bit of a kick in the direction of the government, stating that when they (the festival people) said pint, they weren't going to give you 80 % of a pint. :D

FYI, a pint in Norway is half a litre, which is 0.4 liters. No, this doesn't make sense, but it sure stops people from ever becoming alcoholics! Oh, wait, NO IT DOESN'T!
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