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I'm more or less clear on part 1. That's when the badguys try, and finally manage, to eliminate the threath, a.k.a. the main character. The chronology needs tweaking, and the deus ex machina (who is actually a sort of all-knowing thing that pulls threads) needs to be more... well... something. But part 1 - part 1 is doing well. Part 1 will live. It has a survival instinct and lots of sharp objects for self defense. Part 1 -> Dandy.

Part 2 is currently short. But that's okay. That means that I can put in more things there later. Foreshadowing. People. Things. Facts. Ilma and Eski smooching. Stuff. Part 3 isn't finished, but it has purpose. Part 2 is feeling optimistic about life in general.

Part 3 is suicidal. Part 3 has an identity crisis. Part 3 doesn't know if it's 1st or 3rd person yet, nor what person that would be exactly. Part 3 is supposed to be about Life, Death and the Beast, but that's like starting the story all over again, and that might get very, very confusing.

What I want to do is to freeze Inga (literally) and hand the reins over to Matti. But that means I start out telling 2/3 of the story with Inga as the main character, and tell the last 3rd with Matti as the main character. Is that a good idea at all? I know I have to re-write part 3 in 3rd person to make it work at least a little, but I'm still not sure if it will *work*.

I should probably exclude Meso from part 3 entirely. As much as it makes sense to me to have her show up, I think she will at most be a footnote in all the little events that happen during the Big End Batte, like the nagas and the Ibes and the nuclear dragon and the solar suicide bombers and the moon-crazy. I hope I'll be able to write that battle as awesomely as I picture it. I mean, dragon! With a nuclear reactor in its belly! And mutant nagas! And the happiest polyamorous relationship in the world ever, with its own army! And Ilma gets to let out about ten years of pent-up woman hate. But don't worry, PC police, I'm sure he kills some men too.

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