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Thinking and planning

So this is my situation after about two and a half years in Cambridge.


A lot of nice people. Only one person I really click with, though. Following a somewhat shitty week, I've reviewed the people bit of Cambridge, and realised that while I'll miss people here, it's only that one guy who gives me any reason to stay. (And not stay as in "get married and have babies". He's married already. His wife dubbed me his "work wife" though. :))


The work is okay. Somewhat repetitive, occasionally challenging, expected amount of frustrating clients. I can get the same other places.


So tired of sharing. So GODDAMNED TIRED of sharing. So tired of being called in on the carpet and be told how to act in what's supposed to be, but really doesn't feel like, my home. And I can't afford to live alone here.

I can afford it in Southampton, though. They might also have work for me. There are two companies hiring Norwegians there at the moment.


I guess that's the issue that kicked off Shitty Week. Long story short, once upon a time, promises were made, then the promise makers turned around and said that no promises were made, but here's another promise, and then hocus pocus, that promise was never there either.

Even shorter: I was promised more money. They didn't come through. And I keep saying it's not about the money, it's about the shitty communication. But it's partly about the money too. Because with more money, I might be able to rent a place of my own. I'm almost willing to rent the itsy bitsy teeny weeny studio I looked at a couple of years ago, where you had to go outside to have room to change your mind.

I've considered finding out if I'm eligible for a mortgage. But that would get me more stuck here than I am. Do I want to be stuck her? Stuck-er anyway?
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