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I still have this journal, don't I?

Six years is a lot less time than I ever thought. Time enough for me to more or less fall off the Internet, with a brief peek inside again around 2010. Time enough to lose contact with a lot of people and get to know a bunch more.

Things that have happened:


I quit my job as a translator in the UK in May this year when I finally got a job offer in Norway. I'm a Technical Document Engineer now! How fancy!

Is there more to it than that? Well, I was pretty tired of my old job, and too much of my day was spent on non-translation things. I had administrative and staff responsibilities that I never asked for, and never got any credit (as in cashy monies) for, and I was expected to produce as much per day as the people who were just translating. It wasn't terribly stressful, and I had a lenient attitude towards the uncompensated overtime (I kind of liked being in the office after everyone had left; I have this secret romance with empty rooms), but the attitude I got whenever I tried to bring anything up with the big bosses... argh. So I started applying for positions in Norway (so homesick!) at the end of 2012, turned down one offer because it was in a part of Norway I didn't much want to go to, and didn't get any of the others I applied for. Until I landed this absolutely perfect job. (I complained about the non-translation stuff in my old job; now I'll be doing next to no translation, heh.) Colleagues are awesome (crazy party animals, though; I think there should be some minimum amount of time between your first day at work and the first time you see a colleague naked in a company setting, just saying). My tasks are varied, expectations are reasonable, overtime is compensated (usually with time off), my salary is HASKJDLAFL SO MUCH MONIES, and I'm pretty sure I'm not exaggerating just because I'm used to UK salary levels. So yeah. Work, in conclusion, is one of those things that's working out right now. :)

Home and house

I bought a flat. My flat. Mine. I own it. (Okay, the bank owns it, but as long as I give them most of my money, I get to live here.) I've only just moved in (after some redecoration), so this bit is new. And a bit scary. I've never felt like this before. I don't want to be the first one of us to say those three little words. Don't want to scare it away.

To heck with it. I LOVE YOU, FLAT! There. I said it. *tear*


I lost NaNoWrimo this year as I spent my evenings and weekends redecorating. I wrote half a novel about an ice cream truck terrorizing lost fictions. Don't ask.

I need to get the f[ishsticks] back on the horse, though. I want to write, I'm just really bad at actually closing all the flash games and youtubes and crap and doing something. (Oh, hey, I started writing in my LJ again, that totally means I'm going to stop procrastinating.)

I haven't created any big, new characters in a while, but maybe that means I'll actually finish some of the stories I've already started. The problem is that they've progressed so far in my head, I'm not sure if I can go back and pick up the "past".

Life and people

Coming back after a six-year absence is weird. I'm used to intense socialisation with people in the brief periods I'm here. Now I have all the time in the world, and I seem to spend it slacking at home. It's been seven hectic months, though, culminating in Christmas (guess who did 90% of the gift shopping yesterday!), so maybe I should cut myself a teeny bit of slack as I wait for the new year, when my flat is ready (and furnished - my new sofa arrives tomorrow!), everyone is done with holiday cheer/rest/obligations, and there's a blank slate to be filled.

Life is pretty good right now. A bit weird and new and disorienting, but good.


I plan to Get Shit Done in 2014. Ohyes. Shit. Done. Definitely.

o Do that "one short story a week" thing I tried to do last year, which was foiled by job-applications-interwiews-rejections-burnedoutness-moving-more-moving-so-much-gorram-moving-new-job-flat-hunting-bank-asskissing-more-moving-redecoration-nanowrimo-christmas.

o Learn Dutch. No, seriously. I love Dutch.

o Visit Kitty. Are you reading this? I'm gonna find yoooou. Pretty sure I remember what you look like, too. XP

o Paint my apartment's front door like a Tardis. The inside of the door, that is. So that when people ask why, I can say that it's bigger on the inside. (Might need to keep two drums and a cymbal near the door for that one.)

o WRITE ALL THE STORIES! Especially the demons in space one. And the sci-fi genderfuck one. And the superhero one. In short: ALL THE STORIES.


So it's the eve before the eve before the Eve, and I'm trying to find room for all my things in my new place, and I decided to go tidy up my bookmarks, and the LJ ones yanked me back in time for a bit and I had to post something. That added to the general weirdness of life right now.

2014 is looming ahead. Looming in a friendly sort of way. Like a gentle giant of time.
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