Regina et Imperatrix (shy_dramaqueen) wrote,
Regina et Imperatrix

"Wheee!" goes the time

Is it September? Why is it September? I had big plans for, like, May.

I apparently had plans in my last post too. Status so far:

"o Do that "one short story a week" thing I tried to do last year"

Haha. No. I've almost finished *one* short story.

"o Learn Dutch."

Also no, Still can't find the CD, that's my excuse.

"o Visit Kitty."

Nope. Even forgot her birthday. I'm a bad person. :-|

"o Paint my apartment's front door like a Tardis."

I DID THIS! THIS THING! I DID IT! Okay, I'm currently doing it. But the year isn't over yet and it's almost done!

"o WRITE ALL THE STORIES! Especially the demons in space one. And the sci-fi genderfuck one. And the superhero one. In short: ALL THE STORIES."

Also a no, but NaNoWriMo will take care of that, I'm sure. I'll just merge demons in space and genderfuck into one story.

Time is doing some fast flying lately...
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