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Scipione in tuus sinus id est?

... aut laetus videre me es?

Regina et Imperatrix
3 April 1982
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my pet!

I'm Norwegian.

I'm 20-something.

I write stuff.

I live in the UK.

Nothing in my journal makes sense at all, but sometimes it just might not make sense in a funny way.

I'm a nice person with snarky tendencies, and a failure of a faghag (I've had to settle for virtual faghagness. Can't someone I know just come out of the closet allrighty?)

If you friend me I'll blink twice and smile confusedly and wonder why, but underneath the surface I'll be very happy, really.



So that, y'know, I know. Because I only check that stuff every six months or something. And saying why you friended me would go over well too. A girl likes to know those things. :)
(What? I'm single, I take any and all affection anyone will drip on me.)

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Laptops are love.

And the one that started it all:

Marriage is love.

give queenie-pooh more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Just say NO to idiots.

i am a total geek</center>

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